Player Chat
Skip Video Room Queue Info Mod

User controls Click a command to place in chat field

  • Skip current song /skip
  • Lock the queue /lock
  • Unlock the queue /unlock
  • Ban someone /ban @username
  • Unban someone /unban @username
  • Kick someone out /kick @username
  • Ban someone temporarily /ban @username x
  • Silently mute someone /mute @username
  • Silently unmute someone /unmute @username
  • Set a user's role view roles /set rolename @username
  • Remove a user's role view roles /unset rolename @username
  • Enable or disable slow mode /slowmode on/off
  • Enable or disable chat for guests /guestchat on/off
  • Enable or disable @mentions and link embeds for guests /guestembeds on/off
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